Booking Conditions

The following terms and conditions provide the basis for your booking and provide you with general information needed for your stay. We are sure you will have a wonderful stay but please read the following conditions carefully so you fully understand the basis and terms of your booking.

1) Booking

a. Abersoch Quality Homes Ltd (‘We’ ‘Us’ ‘Our’ or “AQH”) act as agents for the property and facilitate rental arrangements on behalf of the property owner. There is no contract between Us and you the Hirer (“You and Your”).

b. All properties are let on the basis that they are strictly for holiday use only and no rights to remain or occupy the property shall exist for You or anyone in your party.

c. Once you have requested a booking of one of Our properties, we will confirm the booking in writing to you via email or post. No bookings are valid until we have received a deposit and a completed booking form returned to Us.

d. Bookings must only be received from persons over the age of 25. Single Sex groups are not permitted unless express written consent has been given by the property owner and a larger security deposit may be payable in accordance with clause 4.

e. These Booking Conditions shall apply to all confirmed bookings.

f. Where, in these Terms and Conditions, we state we will charge You an administrative fee, We confirm that this shall equate to the actual time taken to fulfil the particular tasks or activity required and You accept that such charges shall be reasonable.

2) Deposit and Payment

a. All bookings require an administration charge of £30 plus payment of a non-refundable deposit in accordance with the following:
a.i. If the booking is made more than 56 days before the rental is due to commence then 20% of the full rental price is payable;
a.ii. If the booking is made less than 56 days before the rental is due then the full rental price is payable at the time of booking.

b. The balance of the rental fee and security deposit in accordance with clause 4 below must be paid in full 56 days before the commencement of the rental. Non-payment of the balance when due shall be considered as a cancellation of the booking and any deposit shall be forfeited and You shall have no claim against Us or the property owner for compensation or reimbursement whatsoever.

c. The deposit shall only be refunded if the cancellation is due to the property owner or any actions by Us in accordance with clause 5 of these Terms and Conditions.

d. All payments must be made in pounds sterling. Guests from Overseas may pay by Master card or Visa card or by electronic transfer. Any bank charges incurred for payments from overseas guests must be paid by the guest at the time a payment is made.

3) Changes and Cancellation

a. Immediately upon receipt of Your holiday confirmation we strongly suggest you check through all the details and notify us of any mistakes or errors made by Us within 7 days. After this time We reserve the right to charge an administration fee to correct any errors made by You.

b. If You wish to cancel or change Your booking for any reason you must advise Us immediately by telephone, followed by a confirmatory letter.

c. You will remain liable for the full cost of the rental price and this will be payable in accordance with these Terms and Conditions if not already paid.

d. If you wish to cancel, then upon receipt of Your cancellation letter We will try to obtain a replacement letting, including if appropriate and at the discretion of the property owner offering a discount for late booking. If such replacement is obtained, upon receipt of the monies for the new booking, We will refund to You any monies paid less an administrative charge. If a reduction in rental has been made to secure a replacement booking, You will receive a pro rata amount due in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. If no replacement letting has been found, no monies will be returned to You.

e. If you wish to change your booking to another of Our properties then this will be treated as a cancellation and a replacement booking will be sought. Where a replacement booking is secured then You will be able to change Your booking to the alternative property and where the rental price is more than the original booking you will be liable to pay such additional monies immediately plus an administrative charge.

4) Security Deposit

A Security deposit of £200 is payable with the final balance, 8 weeks before your arrival. The security deposit is to cover any breakages or damage that requires rectification during or after your departure and to cover any additional cleaning fee should it be required. All security deposits are returned promptly within 10 working days after your departure.

5) Non Availability of Property

a. If, for any reason beyond Our control the property is not available on the date booked, We will endeavour to arrange suitable alternative accommodation. If this is not possible or if You are not happy with such alternatives then We will use our reasonable endeavours to ensure the property owner refunds to you all monies paid in advance and You will have no further claim against Us or the property owner.

b. We are not liable for any costs associated with any alternative accommodation nor any liability for the cancellation or alteration of a booking.

6) The Properties

a. To the best of Our knowledge all the details and descriptions of Our properties are correct. We cannot accept any liability for any changes which the property owner makes which we have not been made aware of. Upon becoming aware of any changes We endeavour to correct our materials as soon as possible.

b. Neither we nor the property owner are at all liable or responsible for the suitability of the property for Your needs. Should You have any special requirements then You should inform Us at the time of booking whereby we can provide you with guidance on whether any property is suitable but it remains Your responsibility at all times to ensure the property meets Your own requirements. We cannot guarantee that any property has been pet free.

c. Whilst every effort has been taken to try to indicate any possible safety hazards, We highly recommend that you inspect the property on arrival and note any potential safety hazards (especially if You have children). We recommend that you check the layout of Your property so that in an emergency you can get out of the property quickly and easily. Please read and respect any warning/hazard/restriction notices that the property owner has placed in the property.

d. We are not responsible for any disappointment caused where You have a different expectation of the property you have booked as compared to the details set out on Our website.

e. We are not responsible for any works being carried out around or in the vicinity of the property or for any noise or nuisance which are outside Our control or any changes or closures to local amenities.

7) Bed Linen

a. Some of the properties provide bed linen and/or provide beds that are fully made up and ready for your arrival. Please check at the time of booking whether this service is provided. If you require bed linen or the beds to be made up then this service may be provided at an extra charge from an independent company.

8) Small Parties

a. We actively encourage couples, small families or solo guests to stay in one of Our properties. We can offer a small family discount in certain months, please enquire for details.

9) Your Obligations

a. During Your period of stay in one of Our properties You undertake:
a.i. that You and members of your party will only use the property for the purpose of a holiday and You acknowledge that the right granted to stay in    the property is not an assured tenancy and no statutory periodic tenancy will arise;
a.ii. that the people occupying the property will be those individuals identified to Us on your completed, signed and returned booking form;
a.iii. no overnight guests are permitted without Our or the property owner’s consent;
a.iv. You will not engage in any activity which is illegal, or may cause unreasonable damage, noise or disturbance;
a.v. to allow Us or the property owner access to the property at any reasonable time during the holiday period; to ensure that the property and all furniture, equipment, fixtures and fittings and utensils in or on the property are in the same state of repair and condition as at the start of Your holiday and You will ensure that at the end of Your holiday the property is left in the same state of repair, order and cleanliness in which You found it. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for any extra cleaning required after Your occupancy;
a.vii. where the property includes car parking, You must only use the space allocated and parking your vehicle in such space is entirely at your own risk. You must not obstruct any public highways or access to neighbouring properties;
a.viii. to notify Us as soon as possible any damage or breakages caused by You during your holiday, the replacement cost of which will be [Your responsibility][taken out of your security deposit]. [The property owner reserves the right to make a claim against You for any repair or loss resulting from such damage;] a.ix. to behave in a proper and inoffensive manner and to show consideration for neighbours and other parties;
a.x. to arrive and vacate the property on those times that We provide to You on confirmation of Your booking;
a.xi. not to smoke in the property or bring any pets unless express permission is granted by the property owner in writing.

b. Should you breach any of the above obligations then this shall be deemed to be a material breach and the property owner (or Us under the express authority of the property owner), without prejudice to it rights and remedies under law, shall have the right to refuse You entry to the property or ask You to leave the property before the end of Your stay. Under such circumstances any monies paid shall be forfeited and You shall have no claim for any compensation whatsoever.

10) Complaints

a. All Complaints must be reported to Us or the property owner as soon as possible during Your stay to allow Us or the property owner the opportunity to carry out any assessments or corrective actions. If We or the property owner is denied the opportunity of assessing the problem or carrying out any remedial actions then You will be deemed to have waived any rights to any compensation or any other applicable remedy available to you.

11) Pets

a. Pets are only permitted at those properties that are advertised as allowing pets or by express written consent of the property owner. You must inform Us at the time of booking the type and breed of pet that You wish to bring.

b. You remain liable at all times for any damage caused by Your pet and You are responsible for any additional cleaning costs (including any extermination fees for parasites or fleas that have been brought into the property by your pet) that may be required in the property or its grounds.

c. Your pet must be under your strict control at all times while You are in the property. You must not allow Your pet on any of the furniture or bedding in the property and Your pet must have its own blankets to protect floor coverings at all times. You must not, at any time, leave your pet unaccompanied in the property. You must never allow your pet to defecate in the grounds where children may play.

d. Should you breach any of the above obligations then this shall be deemed to be a material breach and the property owner (or Us under the express authority of the property owner), without prejudice to it rights and remedies under law, shall have the right to refuse You entry to the property or ask You to leave the property before the end of Your stay. Under such circumstances any monies paid shall be forfeited and You shall have no claim for any compensation whatsoever.

e. Where You require an assistance dog then this shall be permitted provided that the obligations set out in this clause 9 are observed.

12) Lost property

a. Should You leave any of your personal belongings behind You should advise Us as soon as possible to enable Us to search the property. This may not be possible if there are guests staying in the property.

b. You will reimburse Us for all postage, packing or any other costs prior to such items being sent to You.

c. Where items have been left but have not been claimed within 30 days of departure, We reserve the right to dispose of such items as We think fit.

13) Liability

a. You and your party’s belonging and vehicles (together with contents) are left at the property entirely at Your own risk. We accept no liability whatsoever to You or any third party for any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused to You, your party or your personal belongings during your stay in the property except to the extent that such loss, damage or injury is caused by Our or the property owner’s gross negligence or wilful default.

14) Events Beyond Our Control

a. We will not be in breach of these terms and conditions or otherwise liable to You or any third party arising from any circumstances beyond Our reasonable control including without limitation, flood, fire, explosion, accident, strikes, war, threat of war, natural or nuclear disaster, none availability of transport services, interruption to services/utilities and all similar events outside Our or the property owner’s control.

15) Data protection and Privacy

a. Please see Our privacy policy

16) Law and Jurisdiction

a. Any dispute arising of of these terms and conditions shall be governed by the non-exclusive law and jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.