Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We are no longer accepting New bookings for holidays arriving before 13 July 2020. This will be reviewed on a daily basis and we will follow Government guidelines.

Updated: Saturday 1st August 2020

We would like to thank all our guests and home owners for your understanding at this difficult time. We continue to offer free amendments for holidays up to and including 11th July 2020.

We understand that there is a concern amongst our customers with regards to coronavirus (Covid-19) and how it may impact your holiday over the coming months. The situation is changing daily and we are following guidance from the Government.

We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls and emails. As always, we are doing the best we can and hope that you will support us. Please let’s all get through this together – the beaches will all still be here later on.


Can I still take my holiday?

Yes, on the 19th June 2020, the Welsh Government made an announcement and advised all self catering businesses to prepare to open and accept bookings from 11th July 2020. Therefore we can assume that all bookings after 11th July 2020 will be able to go ahead.

Can I book a new holiday?

Yes. Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), booking a holiday for 2020 must be at your own risk and you may not be able to get travel insurance. If a deposit is paid, knowing the current situation, this is not refundable if you need to cancel due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) but, we will be able to move your holiday to a later date or to 2021. Subject to the owners agreement. You can also book a holiday for 2021 and standard terms apply. NOTE: Check In is 6pm and Check Out is 10am.

I am travelling to Abersoch with friends and family from different households. Is this allowed?

You can currently go on holiday with the people you live with (members of your own household) or members of your extended household if you have agreed to form one. You must maintain social and physical distancing with people outside your own household/extended household.

What happens if I pay my balance and we go into another lockdown with travel restrictions into and out of Wales?

If we go into another lockdown and you are not able to take your holiday due to a Government travel restriction, We will try and help as much as possible in terms of offering a change of dates without any amendment fees. If a refund is preferred we will do our best to facilitate to the property owners agreement, however this is at the full discretion of the property owner.

What are holidays to Abersoch going to be like this year? 

As with many things in our lives these days, self-catering holidays to Abersoch are going to be very different this year in a number of ways. Most importantly, housekeepers will need to be given more time to prepare the property for your arrival. This means that you MUST abide by the arrival and departure times specified. We will advise you of the revised arrival and departure times.

Generally this year you will need to be even more prepared and as self-sufficient at the property as possible. Local shops and services are going to be very busy and have limited capacity due to social distancing requirements.  In addition, local pubs and restaurants (if they are allowed to open) will have reduced capacity. However, there are a number of local suppliers, shops and stalls selling and delivering locally. If you prepare, plan and pre-order as best you can, you will benefit from a wide range of wonderful local produce. Our advice is to spend time on the web before your holiday to plan things carefully. The more you plan, the more enjoyable your holiday will be.

Will I receive a refund if I want to cancel my holiday?

We will try and help as much as possible in terms of offering a change of dates without any amendment fees. Your contract does not allow any refunds, however, please refer to your individual travel insurance and contact your relevant insurer for further information. If you had insurance in place before 17 March 2020, then you should be covered if you are diagnosed as having contracted Covid-19 or are required to self-isolate if you suspect that you or a member of your household has contracted Covid-19, subject to your scheduled arrival being within the period of self-isolation and you obtaining a case reference from the 111 NHS Helpline as soon as you enter self-isolation.

Are all properties cleaned appropriately?

Our properties are always cleaned to the highest standards but, we are following guidelines to ensure properties are cleaned and sanitised in line with NHS guidelines on how to prevent the spread of germs.

We suggest that you pack essential items such as hand soaps, sanitisers, bacterial wipes, toilet rolls and nappies as these items may become short in supply.

Can I speak to someone about my holiday?

We are always happy to speak to guests with any concerns about their holiday. Due to the volume of calls and emails at the moment, it is advised to please email and we will respond to all emails in an order of arrival date priority.

Can we change our booking to later in the year or to next year?

We are offering all guests the opportunity to amend your holiday dates if you are staying between now and 11th July 2020 at the home owners discretion. Moving holidays after 11th July 2020 would also be entirely at the home owners discretion. If an owner is happy for your holiday date to be moved, We will not charge any amendment fees. Please note that any increase in the cost will be charged and any decrease in the holiday cost will be refunded.